Awning Fabric Dickson Orchestra Acrylic


Awning FabricDickson Orchestra awning fabrics are designed for your comfort and well-being:
Solar factor (SF) > > blocks up to 95% of glare effect
Thermal comfort > reduces heat by up to 95%, prevents greenhouse effects
Protection > UPF 12+, UPF 30+ and UPF 50+ up to 100% of UV rays filtered.

A challenge for time:
Orchestra awning fabrics offer the benefits of Dickson’s extensive technical expertise:
Material > 100% solution-dyed acrylic.NewSunacryl rot-proof fibres Treatment > Cleangard® for awnings. Based on nanotechnology for unrivalled resistance to stains, oils and fats, water, and soiling

A challenge for bad weather:
Exceptional resistance to water
Colour fastness under UV rays and bad weather > 7 to 8/8
10-year guarantee

A leading French manufacturer of acrylic fabrics providing a selection
of over 80 vibrant plain and pattern fabrics to select from.
The fabrics have been treated with Sunacryl and Cleangard which helps them retain
their bright colours, resist fading and repel dirt.

Independent testing shows that the Dickson fabric blocks out 99% to 100%
of UVB radiation, reduces solar energy received by 70% to 90% and filters
sunlight by up to 90%