Canopy Awnings

Canopy Awnings

Door and Window Canopy Awnings

Protect your doors and windows from the elements while still retaining a sense of style and elegance with the outdoor canopy range available from Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria. With their extruded aluminium frames and a wide variety of styles to complement different architectural requirements, our outdoor canopy range is suitable for residential and commercial properties alike.

Choose from a range of fabrics including canvas, acrylic canvas, shade mesh and PVC coated textiles for sun and rain protection.

Benefits of a Window Canopy

There are numerous benefits to installing a shade canopy above your windows. They prevent the sun from bleaching your curtains and furniture upholstery, enabling them to retain their proper colour for longer. A window canopy will also prevent inclement weather from causing damage to window sills and frames while also stopping rain from hitting the window glass. You’ll also be able to save on your energy bills, as window canopies can help to keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Door Canopy Benefits

We’ve all had those cold and wet winter nights where you’ve just gotten home and you’re looking for your keys on your poorly-lit front porch. The rain is pouring down and you’re drenched through. If you had a Retractable Pergola Systems door canopy above your front door, you could avoid the rain and inclement weather as you fish about for your keys. Isn’t that far more preferable? A door canopy is also a relatively inexpensive way to add style to your home and potentially increase its value.

Choose from the shade canopy designs below or get in touch with Retractable Pergola Systems to obtain more information.

  • Spring Wedge

    Spring Wedge

    Light Duty Canopy with Minimalist design. Spring arms and clear anodised fixed top frame. Suited for contemporary entrances.
  • Wedge


    Wedge Canopy has a welded aluminium frame covered in canvas or PVC coated fabric. Featuring simple, clean-line design preferred by...
  • Bow Canopy

    Bow Canopy

    Rounded Canopy with a touch of European style.
  • Dutch Hood

    Dutch Hood

    Dutch Hood made with Heavy-duty Aluminium Frame available custom made to up to 6000mm long with up to 1800mm projection.
  • French Canopy

    French Canopy

    Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria's French canopies are constructed with extruded aluminum frames or optionally steel tube fram...

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