Conservatory and Pergola Shades

Conservatory and Pergola Shades


A well-designed and installed pergola offers a multitude of benefits. Aside from creating an elegant outdoor area for entertaining guests or even just relaxing on a warm day, pergolas can:

  • Provide your backyard with protection from the dynamic Melbourne weather conditions
  • Provide a structure that enables climbing plants to grow in your backyard
  • Block out unwanted views
  • Be combined with verandas, gazebos and other structures
  • Add value to your property

However, it’s crucial to ensure that the outdoor blinds for your pergola match the quality of the construction to ensure optimal functionality and performance. And when it comes to pergola and conservatory awnings in Melbourne, Retractable Pergola Systems has the range and quality you need.


Depending on your specific requirements, the design of your pergola or conservatory, and the size of the area required for shading, we offer a range of conservatory blinds and outdoor awnings to suit your needs. Choose between various mesh and canvas fabrics, available in a large range of plain or striped colours. We offer single and multiple conservatory roof blinds in sizes up to 22 metres wide, and motorised conservatory retractable sunroof awnings are also available.

To organise a free measure and quote for a pergola or conservatory outdoor awning for your Melbourne home, get in touch with Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria by calling 1300 974 224.

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