Retractable Roof and Pergola Systems

Retractable Roof and Pergola Systems


Create the perfect dining or entertaining area at your home or place of business with retractable shade coverings that enable you to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year. In Melbourne, where you can experience every extreme of weather on any given day, outdoor entertaining and dining isn’t always easy. But with Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria’s quality range of retractable shade awnings and pergola awnings, you’ll have the protection you need to withstand any weather conditions – rain, hail or shine!

We’re proud to be a distributor of a quality range of retractable roof systems and solutions for patio weather protection. Each retractable roof pergola system is handmade with precision engineering, giving it absolute sustainability for commercial applications.


You’ll sure to find the ideal retractable outdoor roof among our range of retractable roof awnings, patio awnings and pergola systems. We can help:

  • If you’re looking to add a canopy-like coverage to your hotel beer garden
  • If you want to create the perfect outdoor living space to entertain friends and guests at home
  • If you’re looking for a retractable shade system for a cafe or restaurant outdoor dining area

Simply extend the remote-controlled retractable pergola shade when you need shade or protection from the rain, and retract when the weather clears or you want the benefits of the sun and blue skies. It’s the solution that allows you to entertain all year round!

Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria offers a free on-site measure and quote at your home or business premises for all retractable awnings and roofs. For more information on getting a retractable roof in Melbourne, request a quote online or give us a call on 1300 974 224

  • RPS Halo

    RPS Halo

    The RPS Halo curved retractable pergola system provides a modern outdoor covering system. The system offers a wind rating up to Be...
  • RPS Aristo

    RPS Aristo

    The RPS Aristo retractable pergola system provides a stylish architectural covering to allow large outdoor areas. The system offer...
  • RPS Tera

    RPS Tera

    The RPS Tera retractable pergola system provides the user with a designer outdoor covering to allow outdoor areas to be used all y...
  • RPS Muse

    RPS Muse

    This RPS Muse retractable pergola system provides an elegant covering and a wind rating up to Beaufort class 11 (up to 117km/h) an...


    The RPS Izi retractable roof system allows a flexible integration solution between existing timber or steel structures with a oper...
  • Rising Soft

    Rising Soft

    The Rising Soft retractable pergola system provides the user with a designer outdoor covering to allow outdoor areas to be used al...

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