Sun Blinds

While the sun has many positive uses and benefits, it can also be equally as problematic. Aside from the known health risks of too much direct exposure, the sun is also capable of causing curtains, carpet and furniture upholstery to fade, resulting in them looking aged. It can cause glare to become distracting and potentially hazardous. But with sun blinds from Retractable Pergola Systems, the leading specialists in canvas blinds in Melbourne, you can block out most of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. You’ll be able to cool your home without skyrocketing energy bills, protect your furniture and carpets from fading and, most importantly, prevent the sun’s damaging UV rays from affecting your health.

Choose from a Range of Designs and Systems

Retractable Pergola Systems sun shades are available in various operational systems and designs to appeal to almost any residential or commercial premises. We’ve got everything from traditional pull-down canvas blinds to modern cassette enclosed motorised awnings. You’ll find various styles available to suit all architectural requirements.

For a free, no-obligation on-site measure and quote for sun blinds in Melbourne, get in touch with Retractable Pergola Systems today. Call 1300 974 224 or request a quote online.

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